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Pelvic Fracture - Broken Pelvis has 1 user story

Lynn Gordon


My spine and hip,groin pain were not diagnosed by NHS. I suffered firstly from 2009, xray. From2006, I suffered haemorridge, and intestinal blockage. Again not diagnosed. Therefor, I went to Spain. A and E 3 visits I returned with 3 DVDs of my spine, hip, kneck. Written treatments and medication for UK doctor.Excellent.Now I have facts. Either hernia or fractured, causing sharp groin pain and curled up unable to walk.Possible hip replacement diagnosed uk. I have reduced Joint load, do not lift as it increases my inability to walk, and severe pain. I spend as much time as I am able to rehab in sun.No medication.Rest and liquids. I have assistance home to airport and accommodation spain. 3 stones weight loss.I am improved and will not have Replacement, or happy UK hospital result, Light Diet reduces pressure by bowel, on groin and chronic osteoporosis, arthritis. I have researched and do not trust surgery as breaks again, and infections. Patience for over 18 months. Accept assistance, pay and buy aids that improve my mobility. Good Doctor.14/11/2017


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