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Philippa Ellis

Founder of Clinic HQ

Graduating in 2008 as a Chiropractor solidified my many years of being obsessed with Natural Therapies and products that ACTUALLY work! Fast forward 10 years and I have developed an appreciation for rehabilitative exercise, training as an APPI Pilates instructor and an obsession for amazing products. I am a self-proclaimed ergonomic chair geek, if we are going to sit then we should do it right, right? Oh, and a barefoot shoe enthusiast!

Over the years I have been lucky enough to witness the healing influence that the right product or treatment can have on a patient. However, on the flip side I have also seen up close the dismay and misery caused by the time and money wasted on the wrong option or fad (all promising) product.

So, in 2013 I took a step back from Chiropractic to start creating Clinic HQ, a place where I could gather a tribe of equally passionate, brilliant natural therapists and build a supportive community of real patients. With the idea of spreading the word of what ACTUALLY works, who it works for and how it works.

I believe that our bodies Injured or pain free are a spectacular gift and I have made the pledge to live every day learning more about how to nourish and restore my body naturally. I invite you to join me in discovering how to best utilise these natural therapies and products whilst I navigate my own pain maze. Hopefully my journey and those of other patients will provide you with the tools and inspire you to do the same.